Get Beach Ready
04 / 20 / 18

Are You Beach Ready? 3 Options to Consider

If you weren’t born with Kate Middleton’s inexplicable ability to look svelte and bikini-ready just seven hours after giving birth, you certainly aren’t alone. Most women across Florida are stressing over the arrival of beach season and wondering how to magically remove unwanted fat, look sculpted, and feel confident this summer.

Good news! Thanks to treatments like CoolSculpting, acupuncture, and vitamin injections, you actually can make a little beach body magic happen this spring for yourself. These three treatment options will put you on the fast track to the summer body you’ve always wanted.


CoolSculpting has changed the bodies and lives of countless patients since it became FDA-cleared to eliminate stubborn fat from the stomach, waistline, thighs, and other trouble spots on the body. Using controlled cooling to safely freeze, kill, and eliminate fat that has proven to be fat- and diet-resistant, CoolSculpting delivers proven, noticeable, and lasting results. All you need is a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan to address your problem areas and start working toward incredible results.

Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss does not require risky surgeries or other invasive measures. Truly sustainable weight loss can be achieved through non-invasive natural techniques and treatments like acupuncture and dietary counseling. Acupuncture can support weight loss efforts by bringing the body back into balance. It has been shown to help obese adults shed up to nine pounds over the span of a few months. Dietary counseling is also an essential component of natural weight loss because it provides the guidance you need to properly fuel your body, improve your metabolism, and optimize your body’s primary physiological processes.

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injection therapy is another treatment that may not seem like an obvious choice for weight loss, but it is powerful nonetheless. This treatment provides an effective delivery method for vitamins and minerals in the body because it ensures much better absorption than oral supplements.

MIC Lipotropic injections offer powerful weight loss potential because they help release fat deposits from the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks, and hips. Even better, MIC can be combined with B12 to accelerate your metabolism and burn additional weight.

Don’t let the thought of summer cause you stress. By working with the experts at Point Lumineux CoolSculpting in Sarasota, Florida, you can benefit from the contemporary holistic wellness expertise that will help you shed pounds and contour your body in the most efficient and long-lasting ways possible. Call +1 (941) 479 2179 to make your appointment today.