Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting: What’s the Right Option for You?
06 / 19 / 19

Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting: What’s the Right Option for You?

Men and women who seek fat reduction have a number of options available to them. Two of the most prominent and popular are liposuction and Coolsculpting. The former has been around for decades and remains the most commonly performed surgical procedure in America; the latter is a little newer but currently leads the market for non-surgical fat reduction therapies.

As you consider your options for losing stubborn fat deposits and developing a more contoured physique, you’re doubtless aware of both of these options. The question is, which one’s right for you?

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

While both liposuction and CoolSculpting can deliver results, they do so through dramatically different means. The most obvious distinction is that liposuction is a surgical intervention, while CoolSculpting is done purely non-invasively.

There are some implications to this, and the first is safety. Any time you undergo any kind of surgical procedure, there is always some risk to your health, even to your life; and while liposuction is fairly routine, mistakes can be made, or you may even have a bad reaction to the anesthesia used. Certainly, lipo involves some risk, but CoolSculpting doesn’t involve going under the knife or having any anesthesia administered. As such, it’s the much safer option.

Because liposuction is a surgical procedure, it comes with some requisite down time. Following liposuction, you’ll likely be a little groggy from the anesthesia, and it may be a few days before you once again have the energy and stamina to get back to your regular activities. Again, compared to other surgeries, this is fairly minor. With CoolSculpting, though, there’s no need for a recovery period; many of our clients go directly back to work when their session is through. And while some clients report some mild itching following their CoolSculpting, there aren’t any other after-effects to be aware of.

Also note that, because liposuction involves surgical incisions, it can leave you with a small scar; again, that’s simply not an issue with CoolSculpting, which works not with incisions but rather with controlled cooling.

One final distinction to note is that liposuction is a fairly aggressive procedure, whereas CoolSculpting can be done in a way that’s completely relaxing and tranquil. Clients who have CoolSculpting done at Point Lumineux often nap during their session, or else spend some time watching Netflix or even eating lunch. It’s not just a good opportunity to freeze your fat, but also to catch your breath and enjoy some time to chill.

Learning More About Your Options

There are some obvious advantages to CoolSculpting, yet we will emphasize the fact that everyone’s different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. The best way to determine how to lose your fat is to meet with an expert who can walk you through some possible treatment options.

That’s why we invite potential clients to join us in Sarasota for a FREE consultation. Basically, this is your chance to sit down with a CoolSculpting expert, learn more about the process, and have your questions answered. We will show you some before-and-after photos, as well, helping you determine what kind of CoolSculpting results you might anticipate. And, we’ll help you develop an individualized plan to eliminate fat from certain areas of your body, then ultimately keep off that fat over the long haul.

CoolSculpting is the top non-surgical fat reduction method available today, and it’s helped countless men and women look and feel better—without having to go under the surgeon’s knife! If that sounds appealing to you, we welcome you to join us at Point Lumineux. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.