For anyone seeking to look and feel better through non-surgical fat reduction, CoolSculpting® provides an exemplary option. Through the use of controlled cooling, this process literally works by freezing fat cells in targeted areas of your body, allowing you to ultimately eliminate that fat and enjoy a more contoured physique. It’s important to note, however, that fat reduction isn’t necessarily the same thing as weight loss. Having clear expectations is important as you prepare for your procedure at Point Lumineux CoolSculpting in Sarasota, FL.



Here’s an analogy that can help you understand this important distinction. Imagine that you have a large bag full of cotton balls. If you removed a great number of those cotton balls, it could significantly reduce the mass and shape of the bag; however, it’s not going to make much difference in how much the bag weighs. The reason for this is simple: While those cotton balls may take up a lot of room within the bag, they don’t weigh very much—so eliminating even 25 percent of them may not make an impact on how heavy the bag feels.

A similar concept applies in CoolSculpting. When you have this procedure done, it targets up to 25 percent of the fat cells in the given area of your body, including the types of fat cells that tend to manifest as visceral fat—that is, highly visible fat around your gut, your chin, your thighs, etc. A large number of fat cells may be eliminated, but those fat cells don’t actually weigh very much. As such, the cumulative effect may include some noticeable body contouring and a loss of prominent fat, but not necessarily a big change in what the scale says.

For most clients, this isn’t really a problem. Their goal is to change their appearance, and CoolSculpting can deliver! For those who also wish to drop a few pounds from their total body weight, the Point Lumineux CoolSculpting team can talk with you about some adjunct treatments and related solutions. Through genetic testing, nutrition coaching, functional medicine, and other treatments, we can help you not just lose stubborn fat but also adopt a healthier lifestyle, allowing you to shed some pounds and ultimately to maintain a stable body weight.

It’s important to have clarity about CoolSculpting results, and to that end, we always recommend our clients meet with us for a FREE consultation before their procedure. We’ll explain CoolSculpting in greater detail, answer your questions, and provide you with some before-and-after pics to help you better envision what CoolSculpting can do for you.

Discover the Benefits of CoolSculpting

As you consider your options for safe, effective fat reduction, we hope you’ll consider CoolSculpting—the most advanced and popular fat freezing option available today. With CoolSculpting, you can contour your body and eliminate those stubborn deposits of fat. We’d love to talk with you more about the kinds of CoolSculpting results you can expect. Schedule an appointment with us in our Sarasota, FL med spa today. Contact us now to set up your FREE consultation.